Shampoo 250ml GKMBJ

Shampoo 250ml GKMBJ

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Please choose the shampoo best for your hair. For advice please contact us

Hydrating Shampoo is best for our Hair Extensions. Enriched with active hydrating ingredients and vitamin emulsions, this product rapidly replenishes moisture back in dry, frizzy, split and damaged hair. Regular use leads to your hair having a lustrous, smooth and healthy appearance. For medium to coarse hair that is Dry. 

Nourishing Shampoo contains key ingredients which reconstruct hair and give strands a healthy, smooth, lustrous look and feel. - Amino Acid Oils - Pro-Vitamin B5 - Polymers.Used often, it will help rebuild the hair structure and make the hair more healthy, soft and shiny. For Fine to Medium hair. Recommend for our extensions when paired with Honey Creme Conditioner.
Extra Volume Shampoo works to add volume to fine, limp hair. Infused with Natural Extracts that bring back body and shine, regular use wil leave your hair feeling healthy, moisturised, shiny and incredibly lightweight.

Dandruff Control Shampoo This shampoo actively eliminates dandruff causing bacteria whilst balancing the pH factor of the scalp. Active ingredients include ZPT which improve scalp conditions and form a protective shield on the hair shaft, giving a smoother more lustrous and natural appearance.

Restoring Shampoo also actively restores the scalp. Vitamin E, Green Clay and Chamomile eliminates oily scalp problems where Menthol improves blood circulation, promotes hair growth and restores balance to hair.

Blonde Revitalising Shampoo neutralises brassy or yellow shades in blonde and grey hair whilst conditioning and nourishing the hair shaft. An essential shampoo for all blondes! This product is not strong in its violet tone and is great for maintaining colour or slight toning. It can be used regularly as it’s also a moisturising  product and will build up a cooler reflect. This is suitable to use in our blonde hair extensions, we recommend using the 1 minute treatment regularly with this.