Ombre & Baylayage Workshop

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In this class we go through alot different techniques. 

Look and learn in the morning with hands on in the afternoon working on a manniquin head. Colour & Manniquin supplied in the class. 

Hand Painting, Sponging, Brushing, Combing, and Foiling. 

Ombre, Dipdye, Sombre, Baylage, Foilage, Frombre, Sunset Ombre, Microfoils, Babylights, Tintback Ombre, Shadow Roots, Root Strectch, V W & M Patterns, Herringbone, Teasing Ombre, Tipcap Ombre, Ponyage, Smudging, Emulsifing, Melting, and Faberge.


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*You must be a Hairdresser or trainee to attend this class.