5x Remover Pack

5x Remover Pack

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You will receive  5 Dropper Bottles of Tape Rremover


This tape remover is Awesome  🙌

with a special blend of Alcohols & Oils

it will:

Remove tapes and not leave an oily residue in the hair so you don’t need to wash before re-taping! 

Remove Hair Extension Tapes  easily & quickly.

Works for Wigs & Toupee.

Remove glue residue if any is left 

Smells nice

Slow Drying so you don’t need to use excess amounts. 

Removes old tape off the Extensions cleanly with no need to wash before re-taping. 

Medical Grade 

Made in Australia 🇦🇺 

*flamnable 2, we can not send by air, only by road.