2x Remover Spray Sale

2x Remover Spray Sale

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You receive 2 bottles of Tape Hair Extension Remover


This tape remover is Awesome Ā šŸ™Œ

with a special blend of Alcohols & Oils

it will:

RemoveĀ tapes and not leave an oily residue in the hair so you donā€™t need to wash before re-taping!Ā 

Remove Hair Extension TapesĀ Ā easily & quickly.

Works for Wigs & Toupee.

Remove glue residue if any is leftĀ 

Smell nice

Slow Drying so you donā€™t need to use excess amounts.Ā 

Removes old tape off the Extensions cleanly with no need to wash before re-taping.Ā 

Medical GradeĀ 

Made in AustraliaĀ šŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗĀ 

*flamnable 2, we can not send by air, only by road.Ā