18” Ribbon Weft 50grams

18” Ribbon Weft 50grams

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Ribbon wefts combine the best parts of weft and tape hair extensions. These are very quick to install and remove with hidden bead.

No Pre tracks, no sewing, no glue. 
they sit flat and are comfortable.

They  can be cut to small sizes so you can fit them closer around the front just like tapes. 
Strong tops can be reused many times. 

50grams weight / 1/2 head 

18” long and 40cm wide piece. 

These are nice and thick! Giving great coverage  at 2 thickness. 

Same great quality Youshiki Hair

Cutilcle Correct. No Silicon Coatings

Soft and Flexible Top, Extremely Flat Top. 


*More colours and a longer length will be added